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Superior Apartment With Sea View

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Located in the middle level of NikoStudios, our Superior Apartment is a perfect choice for a FAMILY who needs 2 separate bedrooms and a fully organised kitchen or a COUPLE who needs a spacious place and freedom to maximise the experience of a comfort stay. With attention to detail, this well-equipped Superior Apartment, is ready to fulfil all your wishes and cover all your needs. The revitalising sea breeze, our sea view and the stunning sunsets compose the apartment's balcony.

Special Offer
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EUR 99Minimum stay is 4 Nights Prenota ora 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999112112112112
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EUR 117Minimum stay is 4 Nights Prenota ora 117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117117132132132132